About Phase Two

The Village has begun the second phase of the Streetscape design process, the end of which will result in a set of construction-ready drawings.

We’re excited to make this generational investment in the future of downtown to create a place where businesses thrive, we can gather for events and connect with our neighbors.

In designing a streetscape that is beautiful, functional and sustainable, we need to address several elements that work together to create a design that will last for generations to come. 

The Village’s Capital Improvements Commission (CIC) will meet on a monthly basis to hear presentations from the design team and help move the process forward by making recommendations when required. The CIC meetings are open to the general public; we encourage you to attend to be a part of the conversation. 

About Phase One (completed in 2019)

The Village launched a Phase One study to begin planning for a streetscape and utility upgrades in Downtown Glen Ellyn. The project boundaries are Main Street from Hillside Avenue to Anthony Street, Pennsylvania Avenue from Western Avenue to Park Boulevard, Crescent Boulevard from Prospect Avenue to Park Boulevard, Forest Avenue from Crescent Boulevard to Pennsylvania Avenue, Glenwood Avenue from Crescent Boulevard to Pennsylvania Avenue, Prospect Avenue from Duane Street to Pennsylvania Avenue and Duane Street from Prospect Avenue to Forest Avenue.

Durning the Phase One study, the Village looked to address the roadway, sidewalk, and underground utility needs, as wells as ADA compliance issues throughout downtown. Through a combination of plan review, design team evaluation and public engagement, specific street beautification improvements were identified including components such as street lights, bike racks, benches, trees and tree grates, signage, sidewalk decorative features and others. The project will also seek to address and prioritize items like bike parking, sidewalk cafes, tree locations, and public art.

Why is this being done?

Many of the underground utilities are reaching the end of their useful life and need to replaced. In addition, the Village hasn’t updated its downtown streetscape since 1986. These improvements are long-overdue and much-needed to ensure the Village’s continued vibrancy and success for years to come!