Streetscape and Utility Project FAQs

The Village of Glen Ellyn is embarking on a once-in-a-generation streetscape and utility project to repair aging infrastructure and upgrade the appearance of Downtown Glen Ellyn. The necessary utility construction project provides an opportunity to upgrade the streetscape at the same time.

The Village of Glen Ellyn needs to make repairs to its aging infrastructure. The 100+ year old system has exceeded its useful life. There are significant issues with the underground water, sanitary and storm sewer as identified by an independent third-party evaluation. Findings from the evaluation include: 

  • Over 500 defects in storm and sanitary service lines identified during televising of sewers, including cracks and holes in pipes, deformations, and offset joints.
  • Over 80 sanitary service lines require replacement and close to 70 require lining to extend their service life.
  • Over 5300 feet of storm and sanitary sewer identified for rehabilitation through sewer lining.
  • Sanitary sewer on Main St (Hillside to Duane) is undersized and requires replacement.
  • At least 27 points were identified where storm water potentially enters the sanitary sewer system, adding to the amount of sewerage water that needs to be treated by the Glenbard Wastewater Authority (GWA) plant.
  • Over 1,000 feet of storm sewer needs to be replaced due to pipe condition.
  • Cast iron watermain along Main Street dates back to 1907 and has exceeded its useful lifespan.
  • Sections of cast iron watermain on Pennsylvania date back to the 1910’s and have exceeded their useful lifespan.
  • Over 230 water services and b-boxes identified to be replaced as part of the watermain replacements including upgraded water service pipe size and materials.

The project is projected to cost $27.8 million. Nineteen percent (19%) of the total cost is for streetscape upgrades.

The Village is completing the project in phases as indicated in the map below. the Phase 1 construction was largely completed in 2022, with some remaining work on Hillside Avenue extending into 2023. Phases 2 and 3 were bid as one construction package with Phase 2 to largely occur in 2023 and Phase 3 in 2024. The remaining streetscaping work (Forest and Crescent east of Main) are planned to occur coincident with the downtown train station reconstruction and pedestrian underpass.

The Village is coordinating with the Glenwood Station development project at the northwest corner of Crescent Boulevard and Glenwood Avenue. Glenwood Station construction is anticipated to commence in 2023 and extend through 2024. The sidewalks and streetscape elements surrounding the development are anticipated to be completed as part of the development in 2024.

Construction does disrupt normal business operations. When underground utility work is being done, the street will be closed for periods of time to vehicular traffic.  Temporary sidewalks will be in use during the project to maintain pedestrian access to each business.

The Village will work closely with the Downtown Alliance, Chamber and individual businesses to listen and address businesses’ concerns. The Village and the construction company will install clear signage to direct traffic, hold regular construction meetings and support an open for business campaign. The Resident Engineer, who will be on site during construction, will be a direct line of communication with the business owners regarding the day-to-day construction operations. The Resident Engineer will provide advance notice and coordination for upcoming construction operations that will occur in front of each business. On street parking and loading zones will be provided and signed where and when possible.

At the Village Board meeting on January 19, 2021 the Board evaluated the project team’s recommendation for materials, public preference, durability, and cost to make the final decision on the materials for the streetscape. A herringbone pattern with a tumbled edge was selected for the parkway material as it compliments many downtown buildings and is durable and easy to maintain. The Board chose plain concrete for the sidewalk material due to its ease of replacement over time. The tree planter curbs will be a mix of granite in locations and precast concrete in other locations in order to control cost. The same materials are proposed to be used throughout all phases of the streetscaping project.

Contact Us

Derek Peebles

Assistant Village Engineer

Village of Glen Ellyn


Derek is responsible for overseeing the project and coordinating with the on-site engineer. Contact Derek with any construction and scheduling questions.

Meredith Hannah

Economic Development Coordinator

Village of Glen Ellyn


Meredith coordinates business communication and serves as an ombudsman for the businesses. Contact Meredith with any questions regarding business support.