Downtown Glen Ellyn Streetscape Project Update

On Monday, June 15 the Village Board Workshop included a discussion on the Village’s Central Business District Streetscape and Utility Project. For more information on the project status, click here.

About the project

Downtown Glen Ellyn as a special place where people gather to shop, dine and meet their neighbors. The Downtown Streetscape and Utility project will enhance the downtown for generations to come.

The project is currently in Phase Two. During this phase several important elements are decided on including materials, number and placement of trees, and streetscape furniture. At the end of this phase, the Village will have a set of construction ready drawings. The Village then have contractors bid on Phase Three, the construction. 

About trees in Downtown Glen Ellyn

The collection of trees in Downtown Glen Ellyn, called the urban forest, is an important part of Downtown’s appeal. Trees are good for retail businesses, they have aesthetic and psychological benefits and they perform essential functions such as handing stormwater onsite and processing CO2. 

“Today’s shoppers are pursuing places that offer social, memorable experiences. Trees help create place and connect to deeply felt preferences and appreciations that people have for nature. The urban forest can be an important part of the vibrant, satisfying places that shoppers enjoy.”– K.L. Wolf, PhD – University of Washington

More trees are coming to downtown as part of the streetscape project!